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Get Out of Your BOLI Trap

What is the most powerful bank in the world? It's not the global banking institution or your local bank in your neighborhood. The most powerful bank in the world is actually YOUR BANK. This is the account that you set up where you have liquidity, use, and control of the resources you've deposited.

How you look at banking and your money will take on a new meaning. Learn the difference between banking and investing, watch this video.

Ever wondered what financial tools the large banks used to protect assets from litigation or insolvency? Are you looking for ways to get better yield with your liquid money the way large banks do in a tax efficient manner? Or want to have tax efficiency like the largest businesses have? Or even the next step of cross-border planning to invest your global assets in a prudent way by understanding international law and collaborating with multiple governments?

Then our Legacy Banking is the answer... Watch this...

Your Financial Swing

The percent of people who are financially secure is somewhere around 5% range. Did you know that the habits of top golfers can also be applied to how you manage your money? 

Golf and its best practitioners have disciplines and lessons that can help us in the financial course. It's amazing how many similarities there are between the game of golf and our money. Watch the video for a few.

Velocity of Money Mindset

We finance everything we buy. We want our money to earn compound interest without interruption, meaning we never want to drain the tank. To collateralizing our major purchases is a more efficient purchasing strategy than going into debt or paying cash.

Learn how you can employ the Private Reserve Strategy and have your money compounding in interest while you still have access to it.

At BOLI Rescue, we believe banks should make a better return on BOLI without having to buy new BOLI assets.

We can rescue your BOLI without going to a pitfall you always hear about. We use the same financial experts we provide to our Fortune 500 and Russell 2000 companies. Including financial institution for more than 3 decades. BOLI RESCUE your stuck legacy BOLI Assets.

Watch this.

Your Legacy Bank. Do What Banks Do

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