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Maximize your company's value while enjoying more time and freedom.


Using the Value Builder System™ cloud-based tools and solutions, we can create a healthy, solid and sustainable business that you can pass on to generations.

Discover how Value Builder System™
can help you and your business...

Option 1: Self-Service

Here are Value Builder™ online business modules available for you.
Learn business strategies at your own pace,
choose from these options.

Self Service

Option 2: Comprehensive One/One Coaching

You may have your own strategies on how to grow your business
and build company value, but you may lack the right
tools and resources
to achieve your goal.

Having regular one-on-one coaching sessions will help you develop long-term and attainable goals and strategies for your business.
This can accelerate your results compared to
doing the business on your own.

Join hundreds of other business owners who increase their profits and
improve their bottom line. If you are ready to commit to business growth, contact Certified Value Builder Coach, Del Fujinaka.


Option 3: Hokupa'a Roundtable Mastermind Group

Meet and collaborate with like-minded business owners,
helping and supporting each other, learning from each other's mistakes and successes. 

Available very soon...

Mastermind Group
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