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Valuation Teeter Totter - Boost your cash flow 


    This can help you:

    • Learn several techniques to build up your cash flow.
    • Create a plan of actions to improve your cash flow, minimize and cut down periods of low cash flow that can be very stressful, and boost the overall value of your company.
    • Maximize the cash flow of your daily operations

    Cashflow Maximization

      • 30-minute consultation
      • 3 video tutorials
      • Access to The Cash Flow Finder tool
      • Vision Builder Module: answering 7 key questions before you can rebuild your business
    • ​All sales are final. When purchasing Self-Service modules, all content and module access will be sent to your email after you process the payment. ​We would not be able to process a refund for the transaction because the information and access to the modules have been delivered already. ​We may provide a refund for occassions such when you purchases the same product twice, or if there are issues with the module access which we confirmed from our end. Otherwise, all sales are final and non-refundable. ​For one on one coaching services, you may refer to your engagement agreement for the refund policy. 

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