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Value Builder System

Whether you want to sell for a premium - or just know that you could - The Value Builder System will ensure you've got all of the options for the business and life you deserve.

And that's where Value Builder comes in.

We've built a step-by-step process designed to remove you personally from your business, driving up its value and giving you back control over your time.


Streamlined M&A System

Small Businesses are Hugely Underserved

  • Over a million businesses in the US are exited each year, either through sale, liquidation, or just closing their doors because they don't know that there are other options.

  • 10,000 baby boomers are retiring everyday, many of which are small business owners.

  • It's estimated that 15% of all SMB's are For Sale or contemplating exit strategies.

  • Another 20% would sell if the price were right (using valuation tools and marketing page)


A Proven Step-by-Step Process

We will assist you from start to finish...

1. Prepare for Sale - Get business ready by completing a comprehensive business profile and consolidating all the necessary documentation

2. Find a Buyer - Manage the distribution of the company marketing website and communication with potential buyers.

​3. Negotiate Terms - Receive term sheets or offer letters and negotiate terms with potential buyers.

4. Final Due Diligence - Complete final due diligence by uploading requested documents in secured data room.

5. Transaction Documents - Create, distribute, and finalize transactional documents for signatures.

6. Close & Transition - Maintain transition schedule, provide weekly or monthly updates to buyer and seller terms, and consolidate all signed definitive agreements for distribution to respective parties.

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